The Best Plants for Spring Blooms

UPDATE: Make sure spring comes early by planting a flower bed with plants that love to bloom early. No matter what the calendar says, once you see those first flowers and plants poke out of the ground and start to bloom, you know warmer weather will soon return. This year, take control of the calendar […]

How to Keep Your Patio Area Tidy This Season

UPDATE: Patio maintenance is one of the areas of your yard where you can pull out the big guns.  How to Keep Your Patio Area Tidy This Season A well-maintained patio provides the ultimate outdoor lounge area. It can serve as an outdoor kitchen and dining space or simply a spot to enjoy nature watching. […]

Revamp Your Garden Before Spring

UPDATE: Make the most out of your garden by planting something fresh and new this spring. Revamp Your Garden Before Spring A thriving garden can provide a bounty of fresh produce all season long. For some, planting a garden might be an annual task, for others, it might be something they never thought they had […]

Pruning Your Garden in Late-Winter

It may seem like fall is the ideal time to cut back your garden plants, and if you’re thinking of grass, vegetables and perennials, it is. But shrubs, on the other hand, benefit from a late-winter, early spring prune.  Why Prune in Late-Winter? In temperate regions, most shrubs go dormant in the winter and halt […]