Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours - and money - on your lawn and landscaping, only to have it ruined by a noxious weed or plant pest. Invasive species of plants grow super-fast, essentially choking out the plants you want to keep.

Some of the top property pests include:

  1. Kudzu: This invasive species is a native of Asia and was introduced to the United States as a means of erosion control. Kudzu is an aggressive vine that can grow 60 feet per year, choking out the native vegetation.
  2. Japanese Knotweed: A native to Japan, this species came to the United States before 1890 and became one of the most persistent and aggressive of all perennial weeds. Also known as crimson beauty, it spreads quickly to form dense thickets that can alter natural ecosystems. Japanese Knotweed is semi-woody can grow three to 10 feet tall.
  3. Multiflora Rose: This plant was introduced more than 40 years ago from Japan, Korea and eastern China as a wildlife cover. It is a noxious weed that spreads rapidly into adjacent fields and undisturbed areas, forming thickets. It can grow up to 14-feet tall, flowers and has fruit that matures September through October.
  4. Johnsongrass: This species is a native of the Mediterranean and introduced in the United States for forage. It’s a tall, perennial grass that invades open areas. It grows about two feet tall and can form dense colonies which displace native vegetation and restrict tree seedling establishment.
  5. Honeysuckle: For some, this plant is a welcome addition to the garden, but in recent years many states have banned their sale due to its invasive nature. It outcompetes average plants and can take over forests. It comes in both bush and vine form and is native to the United States.
  6. Wisteria: This species, with types both native and non-native, can be found from Maine to Florida. It is a vine that is highly-aggressive as it will virtually grow up anything in its path, including trees or plants, effectively shading them out. It can grow more than 65 feet in length.
  7. Poison Ivy: This pest has oils, called urushiol, that cause painful, itchy rashes lasting one to three weeks and can also stay active on clothing for years. It is a climber that’s found on fences, walls or growing up the trunks of trees. But, Poison Ivy also grows as a shrub, single plant or ground cover.
  8. Catbrier: This plant is a woody vine, native to tropical and temperate parts of the world. It is covered with prickles and extremely difficult to remove as its upper, leathery-like leaves and deep root systems make it impenetrable to some herbicides.
  9. Sandburs: Common in dry, sandy soils and patchy lawns, this grass has a seedpod that sticks to clothing, fur and skin. Once the seed pods emerge, herbicides are the only solution to remove this pest.
  10. White Clover: This common weed has small, three-lobed leaves and white flowers. It spreads quickly and can smother a lawn.


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