Job Done Right Podcast Episode 8: Capturing Value from Wildlife Food Plots

Food plots provide value for a wide variety of wildlife. When done correctly they provide habitat and food for birds, insects and mammals. In this episode of Job Done Right, retired University of Georgia Extension Director offers his advice on establishing and maintaining food plots. He also details cost-share programs that may help you pay […]

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Top Tips for Late-Summer Lawn Care

The lazy days of summer should consist of sipping sweet tea on the porch, napping in a swaying hammock and watching the kids run through the sprinkler. What they shouldn’t require is hours of yard work to repair a stressed-out lawn. August’s hot, steamy weather reminds homeowners it will be several weeks until your grass […]

Forage Grasses Versus Forage Legumes

As we learn more about a subject, we usually begin to realize that even highly knowledgeable people don’t always agree about everything pertaining to it.  People are dealing with the same facts and principles sometimes have differing philosophies or want to take different approaches.  In forage production, an area of differing philosophy is what might be called, “the […]