Ragan and Massey’s Prine seed offers the best in commercially available ryegrass varieties from the outstanding University of Florida ryegrass breeding program. These high-yield, rust- and disease-resistant tetraploid varieties deliver proven results. You shouldn’t have to second-guess when you need to plant a winter pasture. We believe Prine offer the best combination of quality and yield.

Winter grazing offers many benefits, like saving money, time and effort. It is no wonder that more and more farmers across the United States are adopting winter grazing habits for cattle, sheep, horses and goats. Planting a winter pasture helps stretch your stockpiles of hay, requiring less to buy or less time in the field to harvest. And, it helps contribute to a healthy diet for your livestock. Don’t waste these efforts by planting subpar forage seeds. Frequently Asked Questions About Prine We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about this forage seed that’s been proven to work several times over across the southern United States.

  1. Which types of livestock can eat Prine? Both goats and sheep can eat Prine without a problem. Horses can, and will, eat Prine but we recommend speaking to vet about adjusting them to ryegrass to avoid colic or flounder. As for cows, you will need to add a high magnesium mineral to their diet as well, similarly to all other winter forage varieties.
  2. What type of seed is it? Prine is non-GMO ryegrass seed variety. It is also an annual, not perennial, and needs to be sown each year.
  3. When is the best time to plant? Because this seed is for a winter pasture, mid-October is an ideal time to plant so your field is ready for grazing once winter arrives.
  4. Is it invasive? Prine is another commercial ryegrass to increase forage. The University of Texas A&M performed a study on annual winter pasture grasses, including the varieties contained in Prine, that confirms its proven results.
  5. Where can I get it? That’s the easy part. Prine is available from retailers across the United States. Go here to find it in a store near you. If you can't find it near you, please call us at (800) 264-5281.

Ready to start planting? Prine won’t let you down. It will help improve the consistency and quality of the grass available in your winter pastures. Got more questions? Contact us through our website.