Ragan & Massey’s PlotSpike is a high-quality product that attracts both deer and turkey all year long. We also have several varieties, like our Forage Oats, that are PlotSpike exclusives developed just for our customers that work with no fillers or unnecessary coatings. With so many quality varieties, how do you know which type is best for your food plot? 

Are you looking to get your food plot started fast? 

Try PLOTSPIKE® FORAGE FEASTThis blend is quick to germinate and works well in a wide variety of soil conditions. It also responds well to high-nitrogen fertilizer. It features our exclusive Forage Oats along with smaller grains, premium forage rape, clover and Austrian winter peas that provide palatability, protein, digestibility and hardiness. 

Are you looking for an early-season forage solution?

PLOTSPIKE® FORAGE OATS can be planted in August and September for grazing during bow season. This chemical- and filler-free blend is for southern climates but does offer some cold resistance compared to other common forage varieties. Once plants emerge, they also respond very well to high-nitrogen fertilizers like ammonium nitrate (34-0-0). 

Are you looking for a year-long food plot? 

PLOTSPIKE® FORAGE COMPLETE will provide nutritious forage for up to 12 continuous months. This exclusive PlotSpike formula contains a wide variety of perennial and annual plants including wheat, rye, PlotSpike Forage Oats, winter peas, clover, brassica, chicory and plantain. Both rye and wheat are easy to grow and cold tolerant. Chicory is high in energy and protein and plantain adapts well to low fertility soils. Apply adequate moisture for proper germination, then lime and fertilize according to soil-test results. 

Is your food plot site heavily shaded? 

PLOTSPIKE® SHADE BLEND only requires about four hours of sunlight a day to survive and thrive. Plus, it can be planted with minimum tillage. It’s the solution for plots along field roads or in small clearings deep in the woods. When planting, remove any leaves on the ground in the food-plot area, sow the plot, and then barely cover the seed. If it is very shady, the seed may be slow to establish and may not be as tall as plots planted in the sun. 

Is your food plot in a remote area? 

PLOTSPIKE® QUICK STAND NO-TILL BLEND is a highly nutritious and palatable mix that can be planted without discing, and it contains premium ingredients like forage tetraploid ryegrass, fast-growing annual clovers and rape brassica that deliver high levels of protein, carbohydrates and minerals. 

Does your food plot need to withstand cold temperatures? 

Our PLOTSPIKE® NEW ZEALAND BLEND contains rape, kale and clover that is cold-tolerant, nutritious and palatable. It’s been proven on commercial venison farms across New Zealand and is guaranteed for our customers across the South. Allowed to reseed and given adequate moisture, it can produce healthy fall, winter and spring forage for years to come. 

Does your food plot need to grow with limited moisture? 

PLOTSPIKE® CLOVER BLEND contains clover and chicory, which is a plant used in New Zealand as forage on commercial venison farms. It has an elongated leaf and produces a taproot that allows the plant to better survive periods of drought - a useful trait in hot, sometimes dry southern summers. Not only does the clover provide a high level of protein and carbohydrates, but they also play host for nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which help maintain critical nitrogen levels in the soil.  

No matter which blend you choose, feel confident in knowing all Ragan & Massey seeds are sourced, produced and packed by Ragan & Massey. We know the origin of our seeds and the genetic capabilities of our varieties. That’s why all our seeds for food plots are 100 percent guaranteed. Find your ideal blend from our Where to Buy page on our website.