RM18 is just one of those products that is extremely versatile around the home and garden. This total weed control solution that starts working the minute it touches the plant while leaving the soil untouched and fertile for those plants you want to keep. As one of our favorite products, we get asked all sorts of questions and here are our top 5. 

  1. Where can I spray this? RM18 kills more than 100 different types of plants of weeds. You can spray it on lawns, walkways, along fence lines, buildings and roadsides. It kills unwanted lawn grasses, poison ivy, wild blackberry, kudzu, dandelion and just about every other type of weed you can think of (see the complete label for the full list). Just wait for it to dry completely before allowing people or pets back into the area you sprayed.
  2. Can I spray near water? RM18 is toxic to aquatic invertebrates and should not be sprayed near water, including ponds, rivers and streams. It should also not be allowed to run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutter or surface waters. Just be sure to apply when the weather is calm and dry.
  3. Can I use it in a vegetable garden? While RM18 becomes inert once it touches the soil, we don’t recommend using it near your vegetables as the probability damaging nearby plants is high. But RM18 is perfect for preparing a vegetable garden for planting.
  4. Can I use this on my driveway? RM18 is ideal for use in driveways to control weeds and unwanted grasses. It’s also great to use along buildings, showing fast visible results. 
  5. Can I spray around desirable trees and plants? RM18 can be sprayed around trees and plants as it becomes inert once it touches soil, eliminating the possibility of it spreading through underground root systems. But, it is a total weed control solution which means that any leaf or stem it comes in contact with, may be damaged. Be sure to spray RM18 on a calm day and cover any desirable plants with plastic before spraying. 

Anytime you need to clear a garden or flower bed, reseed a lawn, spot control brush, vines and weeds, RM18 is the first product you should grab. Find it in a store or order it online. Go to our Where to Buy page to locate it near you.