A common question we are consistently asked is, “Can I spray this around water?” And if you’re asking about RM18, RM43, Compare-N-Save Quick Acting Weed & Grass Killer or some of our other herbicides, the answer usually is no, unless of course, you’re asking about Farm General Aquatic Herbicide or Farmworks Aquatic Herbicide 

How Do These Products Work? 

These powerful, water-soluble herbicides, made of a 53.8% glyphosate solution, eliminate weeds down to the root while leaving soil and wildlife unharmed. The active ingredient in these products inhibits an enzyme only found in plants and microorganisms so they’re safe to spray around water and fish. They move through the plant right from the point of contact down to the root, showing visible effects on annual plants in two to four days and perennial plants in seven or more days.  

What Plants Do These Products Kill? 

As a broad-spectrum post-emergent weed killer, these products control already growing annual and perennial weeds. They control annual grasses like goosegrassbluegrass, ryegrass and stinkgrass and perennial pests like cattail, alligator weed, milkweed, nightshade and perennial ryegrass and beachgrass. See the label for the complete list. 

Where Can I Use These Products?  

These products can be used in lakes, streams, estuaries, seeps, canals, wastewater treatment facilities, rivers, ponds, rice levees, irrigation and drainage ditches, reservoirs and creeks.  

When is the Best Time to Use These Products? 

We recommend applying both Farm General Aquatic Herbicide and Farmworks Aquatic Herbicide when plants are visible with actively growing weeds and stems. Choose a warm, calm, sunny day with temperatures staying above 60 degrees. Spraying when it is cloudy or rains within six hours could delay results or require you to reapply. 

How Should I Spray These Products? 

Farmworks Aquatic Herbicide and Farm General Aquatic Herbicide both require the use of a nonionic surfactant at the rate of two or more quarts to every 100 gallons of spray solution. Increasing the rate of surfactant may enhance performance, especially in cases of high water volumes, tough woody brush, and adverse environmental conditions. (See Farmworks Aquatic Herbicide label or Farm General Aquatic Herbicide label for more information on appropriate surfactant usage.)  

Here’s What Else You Should Know 

There are some precautions about using these products. Don’t apply them directly to water within a half-mile upstream of active potable water intake in flowing or standing water. Don’t use an irrigation system to apply these products and don’t allow them to drift to another person while applying. Let the treated area dry before others enter and don’t use on feed or food crops. 

Find both Farm General Aquatic Herbicide and Farmworks Aquatic Herbicide from our Where to Buy page.